Your time is important to us!

After your initial registration, which stores important information about you, future applications will be as easy as just sending us your name, school, and a 1-minute video. For now, registration is only open to teachers in the schools we have partnered with: Simon ES, Boone ES, Sousa MS, Ballou HS, Aiton ES, MacFarland MS, and Columbia Education Campus. 

Your privacy is important to us!

Your videos are only seen by GrantEd Foundation staff members and scoring committee members. Should an occasion arise to use your video for any other purpose, we will always seek your explicit and written consent. 

Your financial peace of mind is important to us!

GrantEd Foundation is committed to supporting your teaching goals by saving you time and providing you with resources for your classroom. Our grants are based on a reimbursement model, which gives you speed and autonomy. Once your grant is approved, you are free to make the purchase. We will reimburse your expenditure using PayPal as soon as we receive a receipt of your purchase and a third party confirmation. Paypal is currently our only method of reimbursement and applicants must have a PayPal account to participate.

Your success is important to us!

We are not looking for videos with great production value. We don’t expect you to be filmmakers, and we won’t compare teacher videos to one another on quality. We just want to make things simple for you, and we think video is the easiest way to quickly convey your needs.