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Taste of H stories: Stable DC

There’s an undeniably European feel to Stable DC, the only (and highly regarded) Swiss restaurant on the H street corridor, where the chef and owner, Silvan Kraemer, confirms the restaurant’s authenticity with his charming accent and old world manners. Silvan opened Stable DC in April of 2017, deciding that H Street was a perfect combination of an established and up-and-coming cool. It was a place he could make his mark on both the food scene and the dynamic, ever-changing community, all while enjoying the sounds and sight of the DC street car, a reminder of his beloved country.

Silvan Kraemer, chef and owner of Stable DC.

After 3 years, Stable DC is going strong -- a feat in Washington, DC, where taxes, rents and competition are steep. Apart from the great food, this could be partly due to Silvan’s absolute commitment to supporting important causes in his neighborhood. Despite having just opened his doors 6 months prior, he enthusiastically agreed to participate at the 2017 Taste of H, where his décor and his food were unforgettable. When asked why he’s been so willing to participate at the Taste of H he said “We love this event, it’s good for two things; it’s great to feature your restaurant and it also supports a good cause. It’s a win-win for everybody."

Stable is a sponsor of many events, supporting schools, equity in housing, and of course GrantEd

Foundation via Taste of H. When talking about Taste of H, Silvan said “I think it’s a fun event. It’s always a good atmosphere, a fun vibe there. When we went the first year is when I found out that teachers in the U.S. have to buy their own school supplies, which was shocking to me, because back in Switzerland it’s all very government regulated and they provide all that. I had no idea it was like that. All the more reason to support the schools [via ToH]."

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