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GrantEd Values

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

The GrantEd model is intentionally very simple so that it can be a useful resource to teachers. A funding source that requires extensive application essays and financial forms, long time frames, cumbersome back-end reporting, and offers a very low likelihood of winning the grant is, for the majority of teachers, not useful. We know this because only 13% of our members have tried applying for grants elsewhere.

A few basic values underpin our model and allow us to be the timely and efficient vehicle for the distribution of community funds into schools.

1. We value teachers' time

Submitting an application each month happens as quickly as it does because we take much of the necessary application information up front, during the one-time membership registration. This information accompanies all future grant requests and informs the scores that will eventually win a teacher his or her grant. This means that a grant application need only consist of a teacher's name, email, request amount, item(s) being requested, and a 1-minute explanatory video. They'll have their funds in-hand the following month, and will have spent no more than 10 minutes of their time accomplishing that.

2. We value teachers' trust

We understand that it's important for teachers to trust us with their requests. All requests, including the video portions, are only seen by GrantEd Foundation staff members and scoring committee members. And only school principals, so that they can confirm expenditures for reimbursement, even see who the grant recipients are for their specific school. We will always seek the explicit and written consent of teachers to use their application materials for any purpose other than scoring.

3. We value teachers' expertise

Our highly efficient model gives teachers the autonomy to realize projects and implement best practices in a timely way. Fundamentally, we trust that there is a real need behind every request, and we haven't seen an application yet that would make us think otherwise.

Our ultimate goal is to be useful to teachers. Practicing these basic values, together with our belief that there should be no competition between educators to get the funding they need to do their jobs, has made us the resource teachers can rely on. No fundraising. No thank you notes. No catch.

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