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Dollars and Sense

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

"Dollars and Sense" is a podcast hosted by David Phillip Greene to continue conversations about making money meaningful following the 2012 publication of his book of the same name.

July's episode features an in-depth interview with Risk Cooperative's Chairman, Dante Disparte, husband of GrantEd co-founder Amal Disparte. In his interview, Dante highlights the role of community and philanthropy in the Disparte household.

Highlights 08:00 | "On a household level we’re always very philanthropic and spend more of our time and creativity as entrepreneurs, thinking about making the world a better place than how to enrich ourselves." 08:15 | "My wife and her colleagues started a foundation in D.C. called GrantEd Foundation which leverages technology to speed up getting small donations in the hands of teachers, to make a difference for those students in some of D.C.'s most marginalized neighborhoods and schools." 11:48 | How do you raise kids that don’t have a sense of entitlement, with a sense that they can have a positive impact on the world? "We live in a country where you have to play a zip code lottery to get a decent public education. And so if every household of any means opted out, then no one at any zip code would have a decent public education. So one thing we’ve done is we’ve put our kids in DC’s public schooling system -- to great outcomes! -- both intellectually in terms of their academic growth. But in terms of putting them squarely in front of the real reality that many in our city face."

Listen to the podcast.

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