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Have you heard this one before?

What do an attorney, a woman-owned hardware store cooperative, a fashion designer, a public school board and a neighborhood association all have in common? GrantEd Foundation! And the belief that supporting teachers is critically important.

For example, local attorney, Petar Dimtchev (a familiar face to Taste of H attendees over the past 6 years) not only donated his DJ skills to our fundraiser, he also donated the balance of his campaign funds after concluding his ward 3 City Council bid. This moving gesture simultaneously demonstrated Petar's commitment to education and his faith in GrantEd. 

Likewise, the owner of ACE Hardware (DC) heard about GrantEd’s mission during a local fundraiser and agreed to make us a recipient of the famed World's Finest Chocolate fundraiser campaign, which has raised funds for such esteemed organizations as Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and the American Red Cross Disaster Relief.  

When DC based fashion designer CHRiS CARDi, was looking for an outlet for a new social responsibility initiative, they reached out to GrantEd. Last year, they dedicated a portion of their H Street capsule collection towards GrantEd and surpassed their fundraising goal by 25% proving that profit and purpose are not in conflict.

Most recently, The Capitol Hill North Neighborhood Association (CHNNA) made a generous financial contribution, earmarked for neighborhood Title1 public school and GrantEd partner school, JO Wilson Elementary School. CHNNA recognizes that GrantEd Foundation is a reliable and efficient way to get funding to the teachers who need it. This contribution comes on the heels of a major donation by the Murch Elementary School PTO board who chose GrantEd Foundation as the recipient of their annual charitable giving.

Nothing makes us happier than the support of our community towards our mission. Our work has resonated with so many unexpected and diverse organizations all of whom have lent invaluable support and funding. Whether you want to support your specific neighborhood school (GrantEd has over 25 school partners, so chances are good that we work with yours) or DC's teachers more generally, we can help you maximize your charitable giving!

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