Applications are accepted every single day, though we award grants on a monthly basis. Every month, a new grant cycle is launched. The deadline to apply for each cycle is always the first day of the month. This means that if you apply on March 1 (by 11:59 PM) your application will be included in the March cycle, but if you apply on March 2, your request will be reviewed in the April cycle. 

On the 15th of each month, all applicants in that cycle will be notified as to whether they have been awarded their grant. Awardees have 30 days from notification to make their purchase and submit a receipt for it. (GrantEd does not reimburse purchases made outside of the 30 day window.)

The receipt will be sent to the school principal or school business manager for third-party confirmation. This involves a quick reply to an email from the GrantEd staff that outlines the original request. GrantEd allows one week for this verification process to be completed. 

GrantEd issues reimbursements for confirmed purchases every Friday through PayPal. 


What can you request funds for? Almost anything!


Our aim is simply to keep teachers from having to spend their own money to meet curriculum objectives, create a positive classroom or school atmosphere, or continue their own education. You can request funds of up to $500 for the following:

  • Basic supplies (paper, dry erase markers, scissors, organizational bins, notebooks, etc.)

  • Specialty supplies (paints, instruments, area rug, gardening tools, etc.)

  • Student experiences (admissions tickets, bussing, guest speaker, etc.)

  • Professional development

Funds for supplies or field trips can be requested to purchase a single item or multiple items. If you are applying to purchase multiple items, they must serve a single purpose. For example, if you need puzzles and markers, they will require separate applications. If you need pillows, books, and a small rug that together will be used to build a quiet reading corner, this singular purpose qualifies them to be requested simultaneously.

At this time, we are not funding purchases of computers or tablets. 



The original GrantEd grant model is a reimbursement for an expense that you plan to make in the future. Receiving a grant by this method gives you the assurance that, if you go forward with a purchase with your own money, GrantEd funds will reimburse you. To ensure that we are helping as many teachers as possible each month, this method cannot be used to request funds for food, gift cards, seed money, or personal hygiene items.


For many teachers, classroom supplies are purchased without planning in order to meet more immediate needs. ​GrantEd also reimburses in these cases. If you have made a purchase for your classroom at any point within the current month and for any amount up to $500, you can apply to be reimbursed for that expense. An upload of the application video and the itemized purchase receipt are required.