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Our goal is to spare teachers the need to spend money out of pocket to provide for their classrooms and students. We have two types of grants to accomplish this.

Future Grants

These offer the guarantee of reimbursement for a purchase that a GrantEd member plans to make in the future. This grant request type can only be used to request funds for student experiences (guest speakers, event admission, transportation, etc.) and professional development opportunities (courses, lectures/seminars, conferences, etc.).

Past Grants

These offer the reimbursement of funds a GrantEd member has already spent on classroom-related items, student experiences, or professional development opportunities; they relieve teachers of expenses they have already personally incurred. In order to apply for a Past Grant, the receipt(s) for the goods purchased must be submitted at the time of application and reflect a purchase date in the 2 months leading up to the grant deadline. Past Grants can be used on anything except computers and tablets.

Past Grants

I have already spent the funds I am seeking reimbursement for.

I have the receipt for that purchase.

The receipt reflects a purchase date within the current month.

I am NOT purchasing a computer or tablet.

I have carefully reviewed the video requirements below and ensured that my video contains all of the necessary information.

Future Grants

I have a plan for a purchase I would like to make; I have not yet spent the funds.

I am NOT purchasing a computer/tablet, food, drinks, gift cards, seed money, personal hygiene items, or any items or supplies for my classroom. I am only applying for a student experience (field trip) or professional development opportunity.

I have carefully reviewed the video requirements below and ensured that my video contains all of the necessary information.

Video Requirements

Classroom Items

The video is the most important part of your application! Without touching on these five points, your application will not be considered for a grant award.

  1. State your name and school name clearly.
  2. As you speak, show us the items you have already purchased (note that a Past Grant is the only request method by which to seek reimbursement for classroom supplies). The items shown here must be reflected in your purchase receipt.
  3. Explain how these items directly correlate to your curriculum, support your school culture, or benefit your students. Tell us about how you have used them or plan to use them.
  4. Finally, tell us why you have come to GrantEd and are not seeking these funds elsewhere.

Field Trips and Student Experiences

  1. State your name, school, and ward clearly.
  2. Tell us about the experience you want to provide for your students, including the cost, location, and expected dates.
  3. Explain how this experience directly correlates to your curriculum, supports your school culture, or benefits your students. Be specific.

Professional Development

  1. State your name and school name clearly.
  2. Provide your teaching position and grade(s) or role at your school.
  3. Describe the course/workshop/event, its purpose, the provider, the date(s) it will take place, and the location.
  4. Tell us whether the course or activity will earn you credits for certification or if it's simply of interest to you.
  5. Tell us why you have come to GrantEd and are not seeking these funds elsewhere.

Key Facts

How do I scheduele?

Go under the "Services" Page to scheduele online. Go under "The Team" to find other options for afforadable online coaching.

Do you take insurance?

I’m sorry I do not. And I cannot generate a claim for you to submit it to your insurance. Working with clients is based on self-pay.

Can I get a discount for more sessions at a discount price?

Unfortunately, I am not able to discount my session fees if you book many sessions. Every hour for me has the same value and time and effort put into the work I do with clients.

Is it the same fee if I meet as an individual, couple or as a family?

Yes, it is the same fee. You are paying for the hour not for the number of people who attend.

Do you work with children (under 18)?

I primarily work with adults. At times I work with older teenagers. I believe a child’s best therapist/coach is their parent. I work on children issues through their parents

How long is a coaching hour?

A coaching hour is 50 minutes long, this gives me a little leeway between clients to get a break.

How many sessions do you think I will need to resolve my issues?

Any where from 1 session to many sessions. It all depends upon the issues, your ability to work on your issues, and readiness to work hard on recovery.

How often do you recommend we meet?

Often people begin with once a week, then move to every other week, then once a month, etc. You can meet as often as you can afford and are available to meet. Every session will be filled with insight and help for the issue we talk about that session.

What your cancellation policy?

I ask for a 24-hour notice or it would be appropriate for me to bill for that missed session. I realize things can come up. Sickness, or a child’s sickness and emergencies are reasonable reasons for not being charged. However, just because you job or work gets in the way of a session, this would not be a reason to not charge for a missed session.

How can I do a session with you online?

I work via phone (audio only) or Facetime, Skype, or Zoom.

Does Jerry, Nancy, or Yitz meet with clients who live out of the US?

Yitz is based in Israel Nancy is based in eastern time from US Jerry is based in eastern time from US
We have clients all over the world.

Why are Jerry Wise’s fees more than what I would pay for a local therapist or coach?

Jerry has 40+ years of experience as a marriage and family therapist, chemical dependency counselor, pastoral counselor, social worker, psychiatric family therapist, speaker, author, and you tube creator and now Life and Relationship Coach. He is in demand by many of his viewers and those seeking help. He specializes in a family systems approach which is more difficult to find with therapists and coaches. His professional work is cost effective in that fewer sessions with Jerry can be more cost effective than many sessions with others. You can work with his associates he has trained, for a lesser hourly fee.

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